Probate And Estate Administration Services

When a loved one passes, family members are often left to resolve the deceased’s estate. Whether your loved one passed testate (with a will) or intestate (without a will), our attorney at Leslie A. Erwin, P.C., can provide the advice and representation necessary to navigate the probate and estate administration processes.

Empowering You To Make The Right Decisions

For many people, probate and estate administration can be intimidating. With numerous processes and procedures to follow, it’s important to have a skilled lawyer advising you throughout.

If you have been named an executor or personal representative, Ms. Erwin can help you understand the responsibilities while carrying out your duties. Some common probate matters include:

  • Naming and identifying heirs and beneficiaries
  • Probating the will in the court
  • Identifying and appraising assets and property
  • Resolving any outstanding debts owed against the estate
  • Collecting any money owed to the estate
  • Paying all state, federal and estate taxes
  • Distributing property and assets in accordance with the will

In some cases, the probate process is disrupted due to suspicions of undue influence or a potential heir believes that the personal representative has mismanaged the estate. Should these or other issues arise, Ms. Erwin can explain your options for taking action while advising toward the most efficient resolution.

An up-to-date estate plan is one of the best methods for avoiding will contests or other delays during probate. Perhaps you recently went through the probate process after the passing of a loved one and witnessed firsthand the many challenges and delays that can arise. Ms. Erwin can help draft a personal estate plan that protects your family and the future of your estate.

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Probate And Estate Planning Services Tailored To You And Your Family

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